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A Young Man and his Audi A6 on 20" Blaque Diamond BD-11

Nikita is a young man trying to make a name in this world like the rest of us. He's a headstrong business minded individual who is offering his expertise in the world of graphic design and web development (@Modernwebmedia) Because of his profession, he understands what it takes to stand out from the norm and make his vision seen by the masses. This doesn't just end with his business, His passion is translated into the way he built his car. A true extension of himself. 

Nikita owns a Matador Red Audi A6. To take this build to the next level, he knew there was only one way that would truly make his ride as unique as he is. Throw on a set of Blaque Diamond Wheels. To show off an aggressive stance, the BD-11 was the ideal wheel. With the deep 10 spoke design finished in the standard Antique Bronze, this wheel is destined to turn heads on the big red body of the Audi.  
The wheel specifications on this set up are: -Blaque Diamond BD-11 in Antique Bronze  -20x10 Front and Rear to sup…

2018 Truck of the Year on 24" Blaque Diamond BD-17/6

Truck Trend's 2019 Pick Up Truck of the Year goes to the all-new 2019 Dodge RAM 1500 Bighorn - and with good reason! Winning multiple awards for the light-duty trucks for 2019, it was only right that Blaque Diamond got it's hand on one of these big boys. After an intense week long challenge the RAM beat the likes of Ford, Chevy and GMC to become the rightful king of the pick up truck throne. With an advanced interior and tech that the competition can't touch, the RAM's interior virtually has no competition.

When it comes to the aesthetic of these trucks, it's truly subjective. Some like the styling of the Ford, some like the Chevy, but we can't argue that a nice pair of shoes doesn't complete the look of any of these trucks. Blaque Diamond has a line of wheels specifically catered to these big pick up trucks that are offered in a 6 Lug bolt pattern with wheel diameters of 22-24".

For this RAM, we went with a 24" wheel to complement the size of thi…

2018 Audi RS5 on 20" BD Wheels BD-F18

In the last few months, Blaque Diamond has been putting a lot of focus into the Audi scene. With an array of new models hitting the showroom floor, we had to take the bull by the horns and start with the top dog, the Audi RS5. If you thought the S5 packed a mean punch, just wait until you feel what the steroid induced RS5 can do. With a 444-hp 2.9L V6 and 443 lb-ft tq, you can expect the RS5 to get you from 0-60 in a blistering 3.5 seconds. Not too shabby for a car priced under 75K for the base model. 

Aesthetically, the car looks beautiful. The front grill really shows off how aggressive this car is. Yet, with all the aggression, the sleek lines of the side profile show how classy Audi can be while trying to kill you! The large dual exhausts in the rear really set the tone for car. Although many may say the V8 version of the RS was a better car, the V6 really hold it's own in terms of performance and sound. Letting off the accelerator in the car is something similar to the Jag F…

The Last "Real" Z06 on Blaque Diamond BD-F18

The Z06 was designed to be the ultimate driver's car - an expression of pure raw performance. Chevy developed the Z06 based off their C7.R race car which is clearly evident when you take a look at the ridiculous specs packed into this beast. The Z06 is comes equip with a supercharged aluminum 6.2L V8 engine that boasts and impressive 0-60 time in just under 3 seconds! With a technologically advanced transmission, the Z06 offers an 8-speed automatic and an interesting, but very fun, 7-speed manual. 

Included in Car & Drivers TOP 10 Best cars, the Z06 get's even better when Blaque Diamond gets it's hands on one. The Z06 is one tough cookie, finding the proper fitment for the beast is no easy task. After countless hours, the geniuses at BD Wheels were able to get the absolute perfect fitment dialed in for both comfortable daily driving and tire shredding track fun! 

There are a ton of wheels in the BD line up that qualify to be run on the Z06, but the BD-F18 is by far th…