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2016 Mercedes Benz S560 on 22" Blaque Diamond BD-11 in Gloss Black

The pinnacle of luxury. The Mercedes Benz S-Class has always been the most luxurious sedan offered by the German car maker. With premium quality materials used all over the spacious interior and a handcrafted engine, you  really couldn't ask for more out of the S. With a variety of different trim levels and engines specs to choose from, there is an S-Class for everyone. Well, anyone who can afford one anyway! 
The difference between our S560 and the rest of the S-Classes out there is ours less boring. The standard 560 is equip with either a 19" or 21" wheel option. Neither of those wheels really compliment the big body of the S. The design on the stock wheels are outdated and don't really emphasize the class of vehicle the S-Class is in.

We opt'd to put something on there that would stand out. First thing was first, we know we wanted to put 22" wheels to really compliment the size of the car. With the large yellow brake calipers, we also knew that we wanted th…

2018 Ford F-150 SXT on Concave 24" Blaque Diamond BD-15

The BD-15 is one of the most versatile wheels in the Blaque Diamond line. Offered in both 5 and 6 lug configurations, the vehicles these wheels can be mounted on is virtually endless. We've mounted a set on the likes of a Lamborghini Huracan, Camaro ZL1, Jeep Rubicon and today, we have mounted them on a Ford F-150. Why did we mount them on an F-150? Well, because we are leaders in the space. We wanted to something that no one has ever done. Putting 24" DEEP CONCAVE wheels on a lifted truck with beefy mud tires.

It's a look that we know will grab attention. Being in the wheel space since 2008, we've always wanted to set ourselves apart from diluted wheel market with same old stuff being thrown out. We have three wheels in our line that cater to this audience. The BD-15, BD-17, and the BD-77. All will provide that deep concave look that the car guys are going for. Now you can join the club and set yourself apart from the rest of the trucks out there.
Wheel & Tire Sp…