2018 Range Rover HSE fitted with 24" Blaque Diamond BD-77s in Silver with Brushed Face

What is refinement? There’s a certain enigma that comes along with the concept. A certain mystique, as well. You think of someone or something that’s “put together”…someone or something that is well sorted. There may not be a definitive answer to the question, but you know what it is when you see it. That refined nature translates into the automotive world, as well. There are only a few automobile marques that are elegant and distinguishable enough to fit this aloof classification; and fewer still to be the select vehicles for  the Pope and the Queen of England. This sophistication inspires a certain “call-to-action” that is embodied in the 2018 Land Rover Range Rover HSE.

Designed not only to be the asphalt warrior that it is, the 2018 Range Rover HSE has a powerful supercharged power plant and is a very capable off-roader. Beautiful and purposeful. This eye catching example was customized by Gintani Motorworks. Based in Van Nuys, California, the performance focused production house kept modifications on the athletic and posh Rover to a minimum: the exhaust was swapped for a custom Gintani model, and for the wheels, they elected to go with something a little more distinguishable.

Covered in Toyo Proxes tires, the Blaque Diamond BD-77 wheels look tailor made for the swanky SUV. Finished in silver with a brushed face, the design and color of these rims flow well with the overall design. Coordinating with the accent line spanning the majority of the bottom profile of the truck, the wheels pull together all of the Range Rover’s angles by also complementing the front and rear accent lines. With the perception of minimal wheel cutouts, these rims give off an imposing appearance. But that overpowering nature is mixed with something. The rounded-oval like spaces give the wheel a softer tone. This design does a great job of mixing braun and elegance. For example, seeing this machine on the roadways, it’s not hard to imagine a titan of industry behind the wheel. Someone powerful yet refined. What is refinement? Definition: BD-77 wheels by Blaque Diamond.

Features of the BD-77 Wheels
This wheel features an untraditional 5-spoke design. Resembling a star-like shape with rounded edges, BD-77s are available in 2 tone black as well as silver with a brushed face as depicted on the Range Rover HSE. This wheel is available in 5 & 6 lug patterns for cars and SUVs.

Available Sizes
The BD-77 is available in the following sizes:
20×9 / 20×10 / 20×11 – 22×9 / 22×10.5 – 24×9 / 24×10

Vehicles That BD-77 Wheels Fit
With its boss-like presence, the wheel fits best on SUVs and large cars. This wheel is still diverse enough to look good on a wide variety of automobiles, however.

Take a look here: BD-77 Gallery

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