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2016 Lexus RCF on Bronze Blaque Diamond Wheels BD11

2016 Lexus RCF fitted with 20 inch BD11’s in Matte Antique Bronze
Though it may not look it, this Lexus RCF is relatively highly modified, and the owner still isn’t close to being finished. The car’s modifications include RSR coilovers, Takeda intake, APEX-i throttle controller, and a resonator delete, just to name a few.
A car like this deserves wheels to match the tuner style which is why we fitted this car with 20 inch BD11’s in Matte Antique Bronze. The look of the wheel paired with the contrast between the car’s paint and the wheel finish makes for a perfectly subtle addition to the already growing list of modifications. The vehicle is fitted with 20x9 fronts and 20x11 rears to give it the ultimate concave look.
Click here if you want to learn more about this Lexus RCF.
The features of the BD11'sinclude its 10 spoke design making it by far our most elegant wheel yet. The introduction of the BD11 adds a wheel with smooth and curving edges to Blaque Diamond’s “True Concave” lineup.…