2015 Chevy Camaro Fitted With 22 Inch BD-8’s in Brushed Bronze

Since rolling off the assembly line some 40 plus years ago, the Camaro is a strong car that holds a lot of emotional appeal. It sparks a passion in people that only a muscle car like this can.

With individuality in mind, we fitted a set of custom colored 22 inch BD-8’s in brushed bronze to this dominating beast.

With the new rims fitted, the Camaro delivers confident handling and spot-on steering that make it a better performer on winding roads than you may think.

The eye catching custom colored rims had jaw’s dropping and eyes popping as we cruised the boulevard. We pushed the limits of the Camaro and it bit back with a force to be reckoned with! This is definitely not an amateur’s car!

Check out all the images of the Camaro here

The BD-8 wheels are one of the most sort after wheels in our collection. They feature a traditional split, 5 spoke design with a slight twist. They are available in silver polish and two tone black diamond in 20 and 22 inch staggered sizes. Custom coloring is also available upon request.

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Blaque Diamond Wheels displays a passion for wheel design and their obsession about quality has fueled their efforts to showcase some of the best quality wheels on the aftermarket with a range of head-turning designs.

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Dumped on 22 inch BD-8's

Custom colored 22 inch BD-8's in orange

Sitting low on 22 inch BD-8's in orange