2015 Ford Mustang Roush Fitted With 20 Inch BD-21’s in Bronze with Chrome SS Lip

It’s hard not to love the basic goodness of the Ford Mustang. It delivers old-fashioned fun through it's simple muscle car recipe of style and performance.

Roush Performance in Plymouth Township, Michigan founded by racing icon Jack Roush has been tuning fast Fords since 1995 and has developed a seemingly formidable street package for the Mustang.

This extreme pony car arrived to us and we immediately knew what wheels to fit. We added a set of staggered 20 inch BD-21’s in bronze with chrome ss lip.

With the new rims fitted, the steering and handling is rapid and responsive and you have the confidence to push the boundaries with the tight turns.

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The BD-21 is the latest addition to the Blaque Diamond Wheel collection. And for the first time ever, we are offering the BD-21 in a depth of up 11.5 inches. Yes that’s right, 11.5 inches!

The phenomenon of the concave wheel has changed the wheel game forever. Concave wheels give the car the ultimate depth while still maintaining the overall functionality without compromise. Blaque Diamond Wheels are taking the concave wheel to a place it has never been before. Offered for the first time in 11.5 inches, we are changing the wheel game to a whole new level. Blaque Diamond are offering wheels in depths of 9, 10.5 and 11.5 inches in a one-piece construction. A deeper concave makes the wheels more aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining the integrity and craftsmanship of the wheel.

The BD-21’s are available in sizes of: 20×9 / 20×10.5 / 20×11.5 and 22×9 / 22×10.5 and finishes of Silver w/Chrome SS Lip, Gloss Black w/ Chrome SS Lip, Matte Bronze w/Chrome SS Lip and custom coloring is available.

The versatility of application makes the BD-21 appealing to the widest audience. They can be fitted to most vehicle makes including; BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover, Lexus, Infiniti, Chevy, Ford, Honda, Cadillac, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen to name a few.

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Sitting low on 20 inch BD-21's
Tightly tucked 20 inch BD-21's

20 inch BD-21's in bronze with chrome ss lip