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2014 Scion tC Fitted With 19 Inch BD-3’s in Matte Graphite Machine Face

The Scion is a sports coupe with a 2.5L engine that expels 179hp that packs a punch on the roads. This rear wheel drive sits on 18 inch wheels as standard. We fitted a set of 19 inch BD-3’s in matte graphite machine face to the pocket rocket.
The new wheels inject the coupe with more attitude and better handling when putting the pedal to metal. We took the Scion for a spin and felt it grip to the pavement like a boss around the tight turns. The new rims turned heads while we were stopped making us confident in our selection!
Check out all the images of the Scion here
The twisted mesh design of the BD-3 is available in a variety of staggered sizes. They are available in 19, 20 and 22 inches. They are offered in a range of colors including; silver polished, graphite machined, all graphite and custom coloring is optional.
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Introducing The BD-21 – Our Deepest Concave Wheel Yet

The BD-21 is the latest addition to the Blaque Diamond Wheel collection. And for the first time ever, we are offering the BD-21 in a depth of up 11.5 inches. Yes that’s right, 11.5 inches!
The phenomenon of the concave wheel has changed the wheel game forever. Concave wheels give the car the ultimate depth while still maintaining the overall functionality without compromise. Blaque Diamond Wheels are taking the concave wheel to a place it has never been before. Offered for the first time in 11.5 inches, we are changing the wheel game to a whole new level. We are offering wheels in depths of 9, 10.5 and 11.5 inches in a one-piece construction. A deeper concave makes the wheels more aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining the integrity and craftsmanship of the wheel.
“The wheels are built to Blaque Diamond’s strict manufacturing standards while maintaining the lightest possible weight,” says Eric, Head Designer of Blaque Diamond Wheels, "the unique designs and big caliper clearance…

2014 Ford Mustang Fitted With 20 Inch BD-2’s in Matte Graphite

The Ford Mustang is a thrilling, yet refined, muscle car, with an attractive interior, athletic handling and a powerful engine. The auditory rumble of the engine makes it truly and American icon that delivers power and performance.
When the Mustang arrived to us, we knew exactly what to fit to it to make this a standout on the road. We fitted a set of staggered 20 inch BD-2’s in matte graphite to this pony and immediately took it for a gallop around town.
Over the bumps, the new rims soaked up every irregularity it came across and the steering was utterly responsive. Once we went full throttle up the straight, we could feel the power come on strongly while still having complete control and sticking to the pavement!
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The BD-2’s are one of Blaque Diamond’s most desired wheels. The array of finishes are attractive to the widest audience. The BD-2’s come finished in – silver polish, graphite machined, black machined, all graphite and matte black wit…

2015 Audi RS7 Fitted With 22 Inch BD-8’s in Silver Polished

With is sleek looks and fastback body; the RS7 could get by on looks alone. This spectacular piece of German engineering packs a twin turbo, four-liter engine that expels 605 hp, performance tuned eight speed automatic, all wheel drive and a lowered suspension.
The RS7 comes stock with 20 inch wheels. A car of this caliber deserves a wheel to match. We fitted a set of 22 inch BD-8’s in silver polished to it. The lower center of gravity combined with the larger rims, gives the RS7 a menacing stance that is intimidating to the other cars it faces.
Carving through the canyons the Audi is light and the steering is super responsive. Pushing the limit down the straight it is light and effortless and it grips to the pavement like a true champion.
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The BD-8 wheels are one of the most sort after additions to our collection. They feature a traditional split, 5 spoke design with a slight twist. They are available in silver polish and two tone black diamo…

2015 Ford Mustang Fitted With 22 Inch BD-1’s in Two Tone Black

Ford’s pony car has been at the core of Americans’ automotive enthusiasm for half a century. Of the cars that people dream of owning, it’s one that actually makes dreams come true. It is a particularly American vehicle engineered for the American pursuit of happiness.
With its long, flat hood, full fastback roof and lowered beltline, the proportions are more muscular than before. With this in mind, we went ahead and fitted a set of staggered 22 inch BD-1’s in two tone black to the beast.
Driving it after the new rims were fitted was a slice of heaven. The steering is light and responsive and when we put our foot down, it roared like a hungry beast! The wheels are a people pleaser when parked on the curb and turned many heads!
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The BD-1 is offered in a range of standards finishes; silver with polished face, matte graphite with machine face, full matte graphite and semi matte black. Custom coloring is available on the BD-1’s in all colors. This…

WIN A Set of BD Wheels!!

We giving away a set of our wheels. Send us a picture of your car to enter. 2014 models or newer only.

Basic Requirements to enter:
•2014 model cars or newer. Any make or model is accepted •Email pictures to with the subject ‘Competition Entry’ •Must be able to present to BD head office in Los Angeles to complete the photo shoot on a date to be determined •Owner will allow BD Wheels to put on the wheels they feel best suits the car •The owner of the vehicle will give BD Wheels full ownership of the photographs and allows the photos to be placed on or in any media channels