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2010 Chrysler 300 Fitted With 22 Inch BD-3’s in Matte Graphite

The Chrysler 300 makes for an unquestionable presence on the road. This mean looking, all American car, offers a rear wheel drive, large chrome grill and bulging fenders. This makes it perfect for a big set of wheels to match its dominating personality.
We fitted a set of staggered 22 inch BD-3’s in Matte Graphite to give it individuality. With the new rims fitted, the Chrysler offers a softer ride, commuter friendly suspension and the best driving experience you could image.
The sleek and modern muscle car now pushes out 363HP to the 10.5 inch wide rear wheels! This is definitely putting the power to the pavement.
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The twisted mesh design of the BD-3 is available in a variety of staggered sizes. They are available in 19, 20 and 22 inches. They are offered in a range of colors including; silver polished, graphite machined, all graphite and custom coloring is optional.
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2010 Mercedes C63 AMG Fitted With 20 Inch BD-8’s in Silver

When you first lay eyes on the C63, you are immediately drawn to its stunning looks and the massive power it possesses. The flashy appearance has a 457 horsepower, V8 engine making it turn heads with the noise alone! This car is one of the most insane German sedans on the road!
With all the insanity it has, it needed a set of wheels to match. We fitted a set of 20 inch BD-8’s in silver and it was like watching chameleon changing personality.
The new wheels tightens the handling down to the bare essentials, with almost no body roll, combined with the revised front and rear suspension, a wider track and quicker steering, this is the perfect combination of eye catching looks and extreme German power.
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The BD-8 wheels are one of the most sort after additions to our collection. They feature a traditional split, 5 spoke design with a slight twist. They are available in silver polish and two tone black diamond in 20 and 22 inch staggered size…

2015 Ford Mustang Fitted With 22 Inch BD-1’s in Two Tone Black

The iconic pony car has been completely redesigned for the 50th anniversary edition, which has only happened a handful of times in its history. It has produced a visually trimmer and meaner looking sports car to appeal to the global market.
The 18 inch wheels that come stock on the Mustang, weren’t cutting the mustard for this anniversary edition. We bumped them up a whopping four inches to a set of 22 inch BD-1’s in two tone black. The independent suspension both front and rear, compliment the new rims and keep the Mustang firmly planted to the pavement. The steering is confident and it’s a extremely fun car to drive!
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Our BD-1 wheels come in staggered fitments in 20 and 22 inches. They are available in Matte Graphite w/ Machined Face, Full Matte Graphite, Silver w/ Polished Face, Semi Matte Black.
The BD-1 is now available in two tone black is available in staggered fitments of 22 x 9 and 22 x 10.5 with a deep angled concave wheel design.
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2012 Dodge Charger Fitted With 22 Inch BD-2’s in Matte Graphite Machined Face

The Dodge Charger is a riot of a car in disguise.This perfect piece of Detroit machinery is muscular and bristling with bravado making it a staple in the American car market.
The Charger came to us with the standard with the 18 inch alloy wheels. This beast of a machine deserved something to match its monster personality. We fitted a set of 22 inch BD-2’s in matte graphite machined face and watched the entire character of it change before our eyes. The wheels not only add a sharper look, but the performance is dramatically increased.
You can feel the wheels sticking to the pavement like glue, especially around those hairpin turns. Down the straight the ride was controlled and aggressive while still giving us the head turning looks we set out to achieve.
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The BD-2’s are one of Blaque Diamond’s most desired wheels. The arrays of finishes are attractive to the widest audience. The BD-2’s come finished in – silver polish, graphite machined, b…