2015 Chevy Camaro Fitted With 22 Inch BD-2’s in Matte Graphite

A gutsy engine plus a rear wheel drive plus sharp muscle car styling, equals the perfect recipe for a muscle car. The Camaro is a bold expression of America’s love for muscle cars. The high shoulders and scorching performance made it perfect to fit a set of 22 inch BD-2’s in matte graphite.

The 2015 Camaro sits lower to the ground than its predecessors, giving the new wheels an eye-popping stare. The quick acceleration makes the tight turns child’s play and the powerful engine makes it a beast up the straight. With its fire burning power and Hollywood looks, this Camaro is nothing short of impressive.

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The BD-2 wheel is available in a 20” and 22” staggered sizes, which are all engineered and manufactured to the strictest standards. They come in black machined, matte black with gloss lip, silver polished, matte graphite with machine face and full matte graphite and are perfectly hub centric to the tightest tolerances.

Lowered on 22 inch BD-2's

Stance on staggered BD-2's

Tucked tightly 22 inch BD-2's in matte graphite