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2015 Chevy Camaro Fitted With 22 Inch BD-1’s in Blood Diamond

The Camaro has the perfect recipe for a muscle car. A gutsy engine, wide stance and rear wheels drive. This kick ass car is beautifully crafted to have an aggressive attitude and a menacing look.
The Camaro arrived with the standard 19 inch rims. We fitted a set of 22 inch staggered BD-1’s in custom color blood diamond. The Camaro is now a stand out beast that is causing an attention-grabbing stir.
Check out all the images of the Camaro here
All of the wheels in the Blaque Diamond collection can be custom colored to match any vision you have.
The BD-1 is offered in a range of standards finishes; silver with polished face, matte graphite with machine face, full matte graphite and semi matte black. Custom coloring is available on the BD-1’s in all colors. This wheel is available in an array of staggered sizes 20 x 9, 20 x 10.5, 22 x 9 and 22 x 10.5.
All Blaque Diamond wheels are created to be perfectly hub centric and are made to the tightest tolerances. 
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2015 Dodge Charger Fitted With 22 Inch BD-8’s in Two Tone Black

The Charger has a bad boy attitude, which is combined with muscular styling that makes this a hugely potent V8 muscle car.
The Hellcat features a 6.2L supercharged V8 that generates an eye bulging 707 of horsepower. It comes standard with 18 inch alloy wheels which is definitely not big enough for the masculinity of this beast.
We fitted a set of 22 inch BD-8’s in two tone black and these instantly made it a head turner. The acceleration is brisk and the ride as smooth as a baby’s bum. It handled impressively well around the tight turns and gunned it up the straight!
Check out all the images of the Charger here
The BD-8’s are one of the most popular wheels in our collection and are offered with a unique finish of matte black center with a gloss black lip and silver polished in 20” and 22” staggered sizes. Custom coloring is available in a huge variety.
They can be fitted to most vehicle makes including; BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover, Lexus, Infiniti, Chevy Camaro, Challenger, Honda, Hyu…

2016 BMW X6 Fitted with 24 Inch BD-9’s in Silver Polished

Unrestrained styling, rasping power, and surprising agility define the X6. Its audacious power and refined looks, makes BMW a household name associated with prestige and prowess.
With all the bells and whistles the X6 has, it only came with 20 inch wheels! We could handle the lack of wheel size so we bumped them 4 inches to 24 inch BD-9’s in silver polished! Yep, we went big!
The 3.0L engine expels 300 horsepower and 300 pound feet of torque. With the new rims fitted you can feel the rush of acceleration when we floors the gas pedal. It delivers a smooth and serene ride over the bumpy surfaces and you feel in complete control through the tight turns.
The BD-9 is one of the latest additions to the Blaque Diamond Wheels collection. They are offered in three different finishes, silver with polished face, graphite machined, and all matte graphite in 22” and 24” staggered sizes. They can also be custom colored to any color.
Check out all the images of the BMW X6 here
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SEMA Show Round Up - New Logo. New Wheels.

The annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas is the motherland for anything car related. It’s the place to be if you like latest designs and jaw dropping cars.

The first thing we unveiled at this years show is our new logo. The new logo is reflects the Blaque Diamond values and a seamless connection between our wheels and our customers. The logo symbolizes our ever evolving designs and our company's commitment to innovation.
This year Blaque Diamond featured a 2015 Ford Mustang GT wide body fitted with all the bells and whistles. The Mustang was fitted with our newest design, the BD-21. For the first time ever Blaque Diamond has produced the BD-21 in staggered sizes of 22 x 9 and 10.5 and 20 x 9, 10.5 and 11.5. Yes that’s right, 11.5!
We fitted a set of staggered BD-21’s in 20 x 10.5 at the front and 20 x 11.5 at the rear. But that was just the start of the modifications to the Mustang.
The short list is:
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