2015 Chevy Camaro Fitted With 22 Inch BD-9’s in Silver

The Chevy Camaro will always live on as an audacious expression of America’s passion for muscle cars. The wide stance fits the muscle car attitude to a tee and it continues to turns as many heads on the street as it did when it made it re-debuted over five years ago.

The 2015 Camaro is much lower than is predecessors, making it perfect for the staggered 22 inch BD-9’s in silver that we fitted to it.

After fitting the 22 inch BD-9’s, the Camaro delivered confident handling and on point steering that makes it a professional on the winding roads. Although it has the mean reputation of a muscle car, it is well behaved enough to be used as an every day transporter.

The combination of the new BD wheels, performance and aggressive stance, the Camaro is an extremely noticeable addition to the pavement.

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The BD-9 is a skillfully crafted, concaved multi-spoke wheel with precise lines. The BD-9 is available in staggered fitments with a deep angled concave wheel design, which perfectly aligns with the rest of the BD Wheel collection. They are available in 22 inch and 24 inch.

The BD-9 is offered in three different finishes, silver with polished face, graphite machined, and all matte graphite.

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Sitting low on 22 inch BD-9's

Tightly tucked on BD-9's

Dumped on 22 inch BD-9's

Perfectly fitted 22 inch BD-9's in silver