2015 Dodge Charger Fitted with 22 Inch BD-3’s in Matte Graphite

In 2015, the Charger was thoroughly updated to give it sleeker appearance and breath new life into an old platform. This Charger and was an entry in our last photo competition.

The bad boy of pony cars comes standard with 20 inch alloy wheels. Not content with these, we fitted a set of 22 inch BD-3’s in matte graphite. The Charger is anything but a boring car. With its sports tuned suspension and sports exhaust, it has all the features of a true muscle car. Adding the 22 inch rims, this gave the charger impressive control and balance around the tight turns and was precise and supple on the straight.

With all the features plus the new wheels, the Charger is a captivating addition to the road and got the attention it deserved from on lookers.

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The twisted mesh design of the BD-3 is available in 19, 20 and 22 inch staggered sizes. The BD-3 available in a range of colors including; silver polished, graphite machined, all graphite and custom coloring is optional.

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2015 Dodge Charger sitting on BD-3's

22 inch BD-3's in matte graphite

BD-3's tight tucked

Staggered 22 inch BD-3's


  1. Is the charger lowered? If so what springs or coilovers were used?


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