2012 Camaro with 20 Inch BD-8’s in Matte Black

For years the muscle car market has been a tough duel between the car makers. In 2012, the Camaro took the throne with Chevrolet’s baddest car to date, the 580hp ZL1.

The aggressiveness of this car doesn’t disappoint in the go fast department, with its loud and brutish attitude it’s bound to set off a few alarms when roaring past.

While the Camaro comes standard with a magnetic suspension and stabling system, we wanted to augment this experience by adding a set of 20 inch BD-8’s in matte black. By adding this beast together with the new BD-8’s, it made the handling more predictable when blasting through the tight bends, while also doing a commendable job down the straight.

The Camaro grips to the tarmac like a pro without missing a beat, while the BD-8’s in matte black makes it a show stopping visual to on the road.

The BD-8 is one of the newest additions to the BD Wheels collection. They are offered in standard finishes of silver polish and two tone black. All BD Wheels can be color customized to create individuality. The BD-8’s come in staggered sizes and suit most makes and models.

Check out our image gallery here to see a range of applications on a variety of models.

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Sitting low on 20 inch BD-8's

Matte black BD-8's

Nicely tucked on BD-8's

Aggressive stance with 20 inch BD-8's

Nicely tucked BD-8's in matte black