Introducing the new BD-8 Wheel Fitted on a Mercedes S-Class in Two Tone Black

The BD-8 is the latest addition to the BD Wheels family. This stunning wheel captures the twin 5 spoke design with bold styling with definition. And we couldn’t have picked a better car than the S Class to launch this wheel on.

The Mercedes S Class is one of the best luxury cars on the market with its opulent interior and its vast array of luxurious features. We fitted our latest design, the BD-8 in 22 inch two tone black. The S Class has a Brabus body kit fitted and we knew right away that the two tone black would be a stand out feature against the pure white body. The guys at Platinum Motorsports on Melrose Ave, LA provided us with the car and we fitted the wheels and we are excited to show off these incredible shots.

“The wheels are built to Blaque Diamond’s strict manufacturing standards while maintaining the lightest possible weight,” says Eric, Head Designer of Blaque Diamond Wheels, "the unique designs and big caliper clearance creates a seamless connection and a flawlessly cleaner and visually appealing design."

“The lightweight wheel delivers a performance enhancing design, while showing increasing the visual aesthetics of the car, “ Eric continued.

The versatility of application makes the BD-8 appealing to the widest audience. They can be fitted to most vehicle makes including; BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover, Lexus, Infiniti, Chevy Camaro, Challenger, Honda, Hyundai, Mustang, Cadillac, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen to name a few.

BD-8 is offered in silver with polished face and two tone black. Custom coloring is available on the BD-8’s in all colors. This wheel is available in an array of staggered sizes 20 x 9, 20 x 10.5, 22 x 9 and 22 x 10.5.

Pre orders are now been taken for the BD-8 wheel, call 818 362 2250 or email to place your order.

All Blaque Diamond wheels are created to be perfectly hub centric and are made to the tightest tolerances. 

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Introducing the 22 inch BD-8 in two tone black

Mercedes S Class sitting low on 22 inch BD-8's

BD-'s with a twin 5 spoke design

Nicely tuck BD-8's

BD-8 perfectly paired with the Mercedes S-Class