BMW 4 Series Fitted with 20 Inch BD-2’s in Full Graphite

The BMW 4 series delivers what we would expect from this luxury car brand but even more. The immedicable styling, combined with its turbo charged engine, brings a new life to the BMW.

The low set and aggressive stance made this a perfect fit for a set of 20 inch BD-2’s in full graphite. We bumped up 4 inches on the standard 17 inch rims to give it the individuality a car like this deserves.

We took it for a ride once fitting the BD-2’s and and we can say is 'wow'. The athletic handling, defined steering made tackling the twisty turns a breeze. The BD-2’s not only added to the cosmetic look but increased the handling ability and made the drive smooth and exhilarating.

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The BD-2 wheel is available in staggered sizes, 20” x 9”, 20” x 10.5 and 22” x 9, 22” x 10.5” which are all engineered and manufactured to the strictest standards. They are available in silver polished, matte graphite with machine face and full matte graphite plus they can be custom colored to any specification. All wheels are built to Blaque Diamond Wheels strict manufacturing standard and are designed for the tightest tolerances.

BMW 4 series with 20 inch BD-2's

Aggressive stance 

Nicely tucked BD-2's in full graphite

20 inch BD-2 dropped on the BMW