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2010 Hyundai Genesis with 20 Inch BD-6’s in Graphite Machine

The Hyundai Genesis is a sporty coupe with a big heart under the hood. Its standard 4L turbo charged engine is taking the sports, sedan scene by storm. This rear wheel drive coupe sits on 19 inch wheels with a sports suspension. So we took advantage of this and bumped the wheels up an inch to a set of 20 inch BD-6’s in graphite machine faced.
“The BD-6’s give the Genesis a better balance and stability through those aggressive corners,” said the owner Eric. “I wanted something to give it an edge over other Genesis’s out there. The BD-6’s are an exciting addition and people are stopping me to ask where I got them!”
The BD-6 is a trendsetting rim that gives the Genesis a fresh look and clean lines, while continuing to enhance the performance and handling of vehicle.
Eric, the owner lives in the San Fernando Valley in sunny LA. If you see him cruising by, make sure you tell him how good his rims look!
The BD-6 wheel is available in a 20” and 22” staggered sizes, which are all engineered and …

Chevy Camaro with 22 Inch BD-1's in Blood Diamond

The aggressive, pure muscle car look of the Chevy Camaro makes a bold statement anywhere it’s driven. It turns heads no matter what, but when you add a set of custom 22 inch BD-1’s in blood diamond red, you literally get stopped in the street.
The Camaro shows off as an all American car with a rowdy exhaust and a rubber burning attitude, so we needed some rims that make a clear proclamation that it’s not like any other Camaro on the road.
We custom painted the BD-1’s in blood diamond red to make sure it pulled rank over all the other Camaro’s out there. “People want individuality and we can create that for them,” said Blaque Diamond Designer, Eric. “If you want to bring your wheels to a whole new level, our team can turn your vision into a reality,’ he continued.
The BD-1 is offered in a range of standards finishes; silver with polished face, matte graphite with machine face, full matte graphite and semi matte black. Custom coloring is available on the BD-1’s in all colors. This wheel is…

Honda Accord Fitted with 20 Inch BD-4's in Silver Polish

The Honda Accord is one of the best-selling nameplates in the history of the car. Edgy design combined with a powerful engine makes the Accord a leader in the sedan segment.
The stylish body of this car deserves an equally good looking wheel. So we decided to bump up 4 inches on the standard 16 inch alloy wheel and chose the 20 inchBD-4 wheelsin silver polish to compliment this car. The silver finish rims made sure it would be eye catching while improving the performance of the car.
The lower profile and wider tires make sure the Accord is firmly affixed to the road on both the straight and the tough bends and curves.
Now it has the driving and curbside appeal like no other Accord out there. Just look at the pictures, they speak for themselves and no one can say that this is an everyday boring car at all!
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BMW M3 with 20 Inch BD-2's in Silver Polish

The M3 is a legend in the world of performance cars, giving enthusiasts everywhere reason to speak in gushing superlatives whenever given the chance. There aren't many sports cars that compete with the M3. It easily handles a daily commute, a long distance drive while still been able to log fearlessly rapid time and speed.
Changing the standard 18 inch wheels to something that would give the M3 more performance and handling without compromising the driving ability is exactly what the BD-2's do.
The simple clean lines of the 20 inch BD-2's in silver, give the M3 a fresh approach. They give it a completely new look and the aggressive fender flares complimented the 20” staggered wheels perfectly to make them a dominate feature on the car.
On the winding road, the M3 handles with courage and ease. The driver selectable suspension does and amazing job of soaking up any bumps and the BD-2’s adapted perfectly to this.
We love the look of the BD-2 on the M3 with its 10 spoke’s and con…

2012 Audi A5 Fitted with 20 Inch BD-4's in Silver Polish

Audi certainly never disappoints in the sleek and stylish department. So when we saw this 2012 A5 roll up, we immediately knew what wheels would make the body look even more attractive.
Arriving with the stock standard 18 inch wheels, we immediately got to work and fitted a set of 20 inch BD-4’s in silver polish on it.
“This isn't the first Audi I've owned. I wanted something that was capable of turning heads while handling with confidence,” said Robert the owner. “The combination of the wheels plus the turbocharged engine has made my car a force to be reckoned with.”
We chose the BD-4’s to enhance the visual aesthetics of the car without compromising safety. “The wheels give it incredible body and traction control on the bends and a smooth ride on the straight. I couldn't be happier than I am with the BD-4’s," said Robert.
TheBD-4wheelis available in a 20” staggered sizes, which are all engineered and manufactured to the strictest standards. They come in silver polished,…

Infiniti Q50 with 20 Inch BD-1’s in Matte Graphite

The Infiniti Q50 is a blend of brawn and beauty making it a fresh and attractive car to the widest audience. It has a sharp, eager driving character, attracting sports sedan believers.
The standard 19 inch wheels weren't enough for this owner, so we suggested a set of 20 x 10.5 inch BD-1’s in matte graphite. “The Infiniti is a super sleek car and deserved an equally good look wheel,’ said the owner. “Since having the BD-1’s, the steering has more responsive reflexes and has confidence around the corners with impressive grip and little lean,” he continued.
We love the look of the BD-1’s on this Infiniti and it certainly has captured a lot of curb side and driving attention.
The BD-1is offered in a range of finishes; silver with polished face, matte graphite with machine face, full matte graphite and semi matte black. This wheel is available in an array of staggered sizes 20 x 9, 20 x 10.5, 22 x 9 and 22 x 10.5.
All Blaque Diamond wheelsare created to be perfectly hub centric and are ma…

Mercedes S Class with 22 Inch BD-1’s in Matte Graphite

The 2014 Mercedes S-Class delivers a blend of technology and luxury that permeates everything from the suspension to the stereo. This is a car that can scan the road ahead for bumps and actually adjust the suspension to counteract them, making the ride even more comfortable.
Standard equipment on the S550 includes 18-inch wheels and adjustable suspension. So we needed to get some bigger wheels on this piece of luxury. We fitted our 22 inch BD-1’s in matte graphite to take this car to a whole new visual level.
The BD-1’s are the perfect edition to my car. Driving it is completely effortless and the steering is flawless,” said David, the owner. “I love the black on black and people are always over their shoulder to get a second look. Thanks Blaque Diamond for the ideal set of rims.”
The BD-1 is offered in a range of finishes; silver with polished face, matte graphite with machine face, full matte graphite and semi matte black. This wheel is available in an array of staggered sizes 20 x 9,…