Lexus IS250 With 20 Inch BD-6 in Pure Black

If you want something with dynamically out-there styling to back up its driving characteristics, you can't do better than the Lexus IS250. The Lexus IS250 is a car loved by everyone. It’s an affordable, luxury sports sedan. The number one priority in creating individuality on and IS250 is changing the stock wheels.

Teaming up with Swat Motorsports in Las Vegas, we fitted our 20 inch BD-6 wheels in pure black.

“We needed to give the IS250 some personality and started with the wheels. The BD-6 rims in black stand out against the pure white body,’ said the guys at Swat Motorsports. “It handles bends with a distinct ease now and is smooth and effortless on the straight. We love the aggressive look the BD-6’s give this car.’

The BD-6 wheel is available in a 20” and 22” staggered sizes, which are all engineered and manufactured to the strictest standards. They come in silver polished, matte graphite with machine face and full matte graphite and are perfectly hub centric to the tightest tolerances.

You can check out all the photos of the Lexus IS250 here

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20 inch BD-6's in black
Nicly tucked BD-6's

Aggressive stance on BD-6's

Sitting tight on BD-6's