Jaguar XJ Fitted with 20 Inch BD-4's in Full Machine Graphite

Jaguar is synonymous with cultural luxury. The XJ boasts a contemporary design, impeccable craftsmanship, modern amenities and a sparking performance. So when the guys at Arandas Tires and Rims wanted a new set of wheels for their Jaguar XJ, we knew that we had to fit wheel with spectacular opulence.

We fitted 20 inch, staggered, concave BD-4 wheels in full machine graphite. “I wanted wheels that are classy but improve the driving performance of the Jag. The wheels fitted perfectly and compliment it flawlessly,” Said Julio from Arandas Tires and Rims. “The wheels adapted to the dynamics of the suspension and the stability control. They definitely improved the performance of the car.”

The BD-4wheel is available in a 20” staggered sizes, which are all engineered and manufactured to the strictest standards. They come in silver polished, matte graphite with machine face and full matte graphite and are perfectly hub centric to the tightest tolerances. Check out our BD-4 gallery to see various applications of many different makes and models.

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BD-4's fitted right

Looking aggressive 

BD-4's in full machine graphite tucked in nicely


  1. Wow...This is my car. Didn't know it made it on your Blog!!! I sold the car a few months ago and bought a white one, but I received so many compliments with the BD-4 rims on it. Thanks guys!!!

    1. What was your tire set on the wheels front and back. They look staggered very clean look.

  2. As well as having a gift for how a car should look, Lyons drove a hard bargain with suppliers and costs were kept ruthlessly low.vancouver car shipping


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