2014 Tesla Boasting 22 Inch BD-1 Wheels

The 2014 Tesla sits on top of the plug-in vehicle segment with an increasing number of electric cars hitting the market. The luxury, mid size, five door hatchback is firmly at the pinnacle of the green car pyramid as it combines an elegant design, immense acceleration and a leading safety rating.

With the luxury design of the Tesla evolving dramatically, it’s no surprise that owners are looking for equally matching, luxury tires. When Tommy the owner of California Wheels in San Jose was asked to fit wheels on a Telsa, we were excited that he chose the 22 inch BD-1 rims in semi gloss black.

The standard rims on a Telsa are 19 inch, but with a sleek car design and 270kw output at the rear wheels, the BD-1 rims perfectly compliment the Telsa’s design and appearance. The aesthetics of this car fitted with the rims give it a vast divergence to the typical curbside and diving appeal.

The BD-1 is offered in a range of finishes; silver with polished face, matte graphite with machine face, full matte graphite and semi matte black. This wheel is available in an array of staggered sizes 20 x 9, 20 x 10.5, 22 x 9 and 22 x 10.5.

All Blaque Diamond wheels are created to be perfectly hub centric and are made to the tightest tolerances. 

Go to www.blaquediamond.com to check out the full range.

22 inch BD-1 wheels tucked nicely

22 inch BD-1 wheels sitting tight

Another great shot of the Telsa with the BD-1's in semi gloss black