BLAQUE DIAMOND | CARPRO CQuartz Classic Ceramic Coating

BLAQUE DIAMOND | CARPRO CQuartz Classic Ceramic Coating
Based on the original CQuartz technology. CQuartz UK was developed in the United Kingdom for use in cold, damp climates where most nanotechnology coatings typically struggle. A new fast flashing carrier was used to enhance curing in difficult conditions, and the silica-quartz content was increased to a scarcely believable 70% creating an even harder and purer glass layer. These enhancements allowed CQ UK to be easily applied in temperatures as low as 41-degrees Fahrenheit (5-Degrees Celsius), with even higher levels of beauty and protection, making it the unofficial pinnacle of our consumer CQuartz line. Features:
CQuartz UK is the easiest to apply coating on the market. No matter how cold, hot, or humid the application is simple.70% Quartz with 99.9% purity SiO2 (Quartz) & Tio2 (Titanium) Hybrid coating for extreme reflections, gloss, "self-cleaning", and resistance to oxidation)Extremely durable hard glass-like coat…

2018 Mercedes Benz C300 fitted with 20" Blaque Diamond BD-15s in Silver with Machined Face

Some say it’s the little things in life that make it worth living. The details, that is what defines something - the collective “micro” that makes up the “macro”. Since the day of its inception, one car model has proven this axiom to be true. The Mercedes-Benz C class, a once entry level model to the prestigious German marque, has never lacked in its ability to display how much it truly is worthy of being called a Benz. Historically the smallest car in Mercedes’ lineup, this car has never been short on charisma and driver enthusiasm, not to mention premium build quality. This isn’t just a vehicle you buy if you can’t afford its staple mates; quite the contrary. This automobile shows us another facet of what makes a Mercedes a Mercedes.

This black example is no exception. Vibe Motorsports, an aftermarket car shop located in Burbank, CA, has taken this 2018 Mercedes-Benz C300 and dialed it up a couple of notches. Known for their creative workmanship, Vibe is no stranger to giving vehicl…

2013 Ford Fusion fitted with 20" Blaque Diamond BD-11s in Antique Bronze

Our idols today are trendsetters; they don’t fit in. They innovate; looking at things differently they take normal, everyday monotony and create something new. They make “IT” their own. To sum it up, they have vision. For example, 5 years ago, this economical passenger car was just another 2013 Ford Fusion. Today, it’s a heavily modified low rider that looks like its aggressive facade is meant to buck against the status quo.

This apostate 4-door sedan features a litany of modifications, some of which will be excluded for the sake of brevity. Starting with the exterior, Frenchys Customs’ retrofitted headlights and LED fog lights give this vehicle its menacing gaze. On the lower front left and right vents, LED strips are added for running lights while Titanium LED taillights cover the rear. 5Hundred Designs has contributed to this project by adding the slatted upper and lower grills, the shark fin antenna, and the paint matching emblems. A Stillen front lip adds to this assertive look w…

2015 Dodge Charger Scat Pack fitted with 22 inch BD-1’s in Silver with Machined Face

Dodge is a company that was built on heavy and strong American designs, so we decided to take this Dodge Charger Scat Pack where industry and design meet in the heart of Downtown, Los Angeles. For the photo shoot, we found a place with vibrant graffiti to accent the bright pearly blue paint and lustrous Silver BD-1 wheels.

The car, the wheels, and the location all tie in to create an edgy feel that suits the car perfectly. Not only does the car look good, but it also happens to be one of the fastest sedans on the market. It has nearly 500 horsepower and a top speed of 180 mpg, so it needs a robust and stylish wheel to match the performance and look.

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Features of the BD-1 Wheels The BD-1 is one of our most sought-after designs in our collection. With its twisted seven-spoke design, this wheel looks like it is cutting through the air at blazing speeds, even while it is parked!
Sizes Available Our BD-1is available in sizes…

2011 Nissan 370z Nismo fitted with 20 inch BD-3’s in Gloss Black

Many would consider the Nissan 370z one of the best new JDM cars on the market, and this one takes it up a notch with the Nismo performance package and full Varis body kit. The body kit comes with a new front bumper, rear bumper, front quarter panels, side skirts, and massive rear wing.  We decided we would put the icing on the cake with our 20 inch BD3’s in Gloss Black.
A new finish for 2017, the BD3 in Gloss Black looks great on just about every make and model of car and comes in 19, 20, and 22-inch diameters. This car, in particular, was fitted with 20x9 fronts and 20x10.5 rears, giving it the sought after concave look.
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Features of the BD-3 Wheels The BD-3 design is one of the most sought-after wheels in our collection. 
Sizes Available Our BD-3is available in sizes of 20x9 / 20x10.5 / 22x9, and 22x10.5 inch staggered with finishes in Silver w/ machined face, Gloss Black, and Graphite. If that is not enough, there a…

2016 Lexus RCF fitted with 20 inch BD-23’s in Silver with Chrome SS Lip

It is difficult to find another car make that suits the look of our wheels better than the Lexus RCF. The design language of the car matches perfectly with the aesthetic of our wheels, meaning nearly each one of our wheels will look majestic on the Lexus RC platform. The curving yet sharp and aggressive lines of the car are perfectly compatible with our BD-23’s in Silver with a Chrome SS Lip.
We fitted this car with 20x9 fronts and 20x11 rears to give it the highly sought concave after a look that the car begs for. The sweeping lines of the car are accented perfectly by the elegant and sharp lines of the wheel, creating the ideal aggressively graceful look.
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The BD23 is one of the latest additions to the Blaque Diamond Wheel collection. Its 10 spoke design is elegant yet aggressive, making it perfect for any brand or style.

The BD23 is a unique design to Blaque Diamond and has revolutionized the 10 spoke market. The BD23 is also p…