2018 Kia Stinger GT on Blaque Diamond BD-F18 in Gloss Black

Image's a KIA. Forget everything you've heard about the Korean car brand, KIA is really out here making moves in the automotive world. Their first real jab at the European competition came when the Stinger was announced. It's big, it's mean looking and it packs a huge punch! Available in a variety of different trims, the top of the line model, the GT, is pushing almost 400 horsepower and 370 ft-lb of torque. No matter what angle you look at this car from, you are sure to see a beautiful body line. The rear end is wide, the front aero is aggressive and the stance demands attention. The owner Carlos ( @Stinger_Guy ) knew exactly what needed to be done to make his Stinger stand out from the rest. With help from Nick from Khar Tunerz  they came up with what we see here today! Loads of carbon fiber were added to the ride. The contrast between the brilliant red paint and the glossy carbon weave adds the sporty touch to this ride. You can find carbon on the ho

The Last of a Dying Breed | The Cadillac ATS-V

After a long life, Cadillac has finally decided to end the CTS and ATS era. These two cars were among the best within in their classes, especially at the "V" level. Out performing the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi, the C/ATS-V's were a force to be reckoned with. Luckily, it looks like the replacement models (CT4 and CT5) will live up to their predecessors. From what we know so far, they are going to be just as good, if not better than the current models.  Lucky for us, here at Blaque Diamond we have had the opportunity to work with many of these cars fitting different wheels with various levels of aggression when it comes to fitment. The last ATS-V we worked on, in collaboration with Genesis 1 Auto Concepts , is by far one of our favorites.  This ATS-V is running our All-New Blaque Diamond BD-F18 . Fitted with a 20x9 in the front sporting 255/30 Hankooks and 20x10 in the rear on meaty 275/30s. At first glance, you know these wheels have had some

Bagged S550 Mustang on the All-New BD-F18

When it comes time to decide on the set up you want to run on your car, you always want to remember that simplicity is key. Although having a loud, crazy, widebody car will attract attention, you need to realize that sometimes less is more. With Brian's ( @BC_S550 ) Mustang build, he did just that. To the naked eye, the car looks like just any other Mustang on the streets. However, to the trained eye, you will notice a few special pieces that really make this Performance Pack stand out. Right away, you will see the big lip mounted on the front bumper. The lip is complimented by the side skirt extensions, which bring that clearance down just an inch or so to add to that low sleek look. Staying on the topic of the bumper, you will notice a very subtle wrap to emphasize the grill and vents to cool down the huge Brembos that come standard on the Performance Pack.  Brian's Stang is also equipped with Air Performance suspension. Once fully aired our, you can re

A One Of A Kind Genesis That Needs To Be Seen

Shivaaz ( @surinamevaaz ) is no stranger when it comes to awesome builds. He and his team at Tread Marks in Miami, FL are constantly pushing out neck-breaking and mouth dropping builds from the stance scene to luxury big boys. One of the most intense builds is actually owned by Shivaaz himself. His 2016 Hyundai Genesis is truly a one of a kind piece of art. First and foremost, we have to give it up to Shivaaz for pushing the limits and really putting together one of the most tantalizing color combos on a car that we have ever seen. This build starts with the wrap. A unique color called Ultramatte Blue by APA Amarica  is the first thing you notice. Not like any other matte blue you've seen, this finish resembles what a chalkboard would look like as a wrap. It's so flat, it almost looked like Photoshop in real life! To really set this thing off, Shivaaz really went all in. The wheels! The wheels are the best part of this car! The Genesis is sitting on 20"

A Young Man and his Audi A6 on 20" Blaque Diamond BD-11

Nikita is a young man trying to make a name in this world like the rest of us. He's a headstrong business minded individual who is offering his expertise in the world of graphic design and web development (@Modernwebmedia)  Because of his profession, he understands what it takes to stand out from the norm and make his vision seen by the masses. This doesn't just end with his business, His passion is translated into the way he built his car. A true extension of himself.  Nikita owns a Matador Red Audi A6 . To take this build to the next level, he knew there was only one way that would truly make his ride as unique as he is. Throw on a set of Blaque Diamond Wheels.  To show off an aggressive stance, the BD-11  was the ideal wheel. With the deep 10 spoke design finished in the standard Antique Bronze, this wheel is destined to turn heads on the big red body of the Audi.   The wheel specifications on this set up are: -Blaque Diamond BD-11 in Antique Bronze  -2

2018 Truck of the Year on 24" Blaque Diamond BD-17/6

Truck Trend's 2019 Pick Up Truck of the Year goes to the all-new 2019 Dodge RAM 1500 Bighorn - and with good reason! Winning multiple awards for the light-duty trucks for 2019, it was only right that Blaque Diamond got it's hand on one of these big boys. After an intense week long challenge the RAM beat the likes of Ford, Chevy and GMC to become the rightful king of the pick up truck throne. With an advanced interior and tech that the competition can't touch, the RAM's interior virtually has no competition. When it comes to the aesthetic of these trucks, it's truly subjective. Some like the styling of the Ford, some like the Chevy, but we can't argue that a nice pair of shoes doesn't complete the look of any of these trucks. Blaque Diamond has a line of wheels specifically catered to these big pick up trucks that are offered in a 6 Lug bolt pattern with wheel diameters of 22-24". For this RAM, we went with a 24" wheel to com